April 12, 2019 | Blog

From Bland to Bold: Beautiful Bathroom Updates

While neutral, spa-like bathrooms can be a great idea for your home, a bathroom can also be the perfect place to try out a bold color, pattern, or new material. Whether it’s for a powder room or a master bathroom, if you’re looking to make an update to your bathroom and want to try a new trend, JBDB designer Emily Thull provides some fun and bold updates for your next bathroom remodel.

Going Bold in Your Bathroom Design

“A bathroom is a great opportunity to add some color and style to your home,” said Emily. “The smaller square footage makes it easier to take a risk an

d step out of your comfort zone!” One way to add a bright pop of color is by enameling your vanity. “Deep greens, blues, and jewel tones are popular right now and can really highlight the details on a vanity,” Emily said.

Adding some creative hardware to the vanity pulls the whole look together. “There are so many hardware options to choose from: champagne brass, copper, glass pulls, or a combination of materials like marble and metal,” Emily said. “Adding some unique pulls can really make your vanity a standout piece.”

Seeing a Pattern

Choose bathroom materials with a pattern to create some visual interest. For instance, tile is a versatile material to add personality to a bathroom design. Creating a feature wall with tile can be a great way to step out of the box without having to commit to changing out a whole bathroom. Whether it’s a tile with a pattern or it’s featuring a tile with a certain shape or the pattern that it’s laid in, it can be a fun way to incorporate bright colors, patterns, and textures into a bathroom.

Wallpaper is another material that can add a lot of personality to a bathroom. “There are plenty of wallpaper options that can work well in a bathroom,” Emily says. Working with the design experts at JBDB can ensure you use a product that works well with any extra moisture a bathroom may have. “Adding wallpaper to a bathroom – whether it’s the whole bathroom, an accent wall, or even the ceiling – can really pull the room together and make a fun statement,” she said.

Taking Baby Steps to a Bathroom Renovation

If you’re still hesitant to make the leap into bolder bathroom design choices, there are still some ways to incorporate some extra style into your next bathroom renovation. “Pick a few features that are easy to change out,” Emily suggests. There are a wide variety of faucets and fixtures that can become a fun focal point, but can easily be swapped out if needed after a few years.

“Decorative mirrors or creative lighting can really amp up the design of a bathroom without too much of a commitment,” Emily adds. “They’re not permanent, so you can feel more comfortable swapping them out – and they can really help change the look of the bathroom.”

If you’re thinking about updating your bathroom, contact JBDB today! Our experienced design-build team will walk you through the renovation process step-by-step and create a fresh, functional, and beautiful bathroom.
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