Transforming Your Minneapolis Bathroom: Should I Replace My Tub With a Walk-In Shower?

April 23, 2024 | Bathrooms

During a bathroom renovation, you may decide you’re ready to replace your tub with a walk-in shower. With its blend of functionality, accessibility, and style, a sleek walk-in shower has become a popular choice for many. But is it the right option for you? The experts at James Barton Design-Build explain what you need to know and what to consider before you decide!  

Is it a Good Idea to Replace a Tub with a Walk-In Shower?

Here are a few benefits to consider:

  • Optimized Space. Many older Minneapolis bathrooms have limited space. By replacing a bulky tub with a sleek walk-in shower, you can optimize your bathroom’s layout, making it feel more spacious and open. This can be particularly advantageous in urban areas where every square foot counts.
  • Modern Aesthetics. Walk-in showers can elevate your bathroom’s overall appeal. Create a space that reflects your personal taste and complements the architectural charm of your Minneapolis home with customizable features such as: 
    • Glass enclosures
    • Tile designs
    • Built-in shelves and benches
    • Rain showerheads.
  • Enhanced Accessibility. Walk-in showers offer easy access for individuals of all ages and abilities, making them excellent for homeowners who prioritize accessibility. Whether planning for the long term or accommodating guests with varying mobility needs, a walk-in shower can provide a safer bathing solution than traditional tubs, especially when equipped with features like grab bars and built-in seating.
  • Increased Home Value. Renovations that enhance both form and function can significantly boost the resale value of your home. In the competitive Minneapolis and St. Paul real estate market, a well-designed walk-in shower can attract some potential buyers and help your property stand out.

Partnering with a reputable design-build firm like JBDB ensures that your renovation project adds value and appeal to your home.

A Few Considerations

While walk-in showers offer convenience and accessibility, there are some things to consider before you take out your tub:

  • Resale Value. Some homebuyers may prefer a bathtub for its versatility, especially families with young children or individuals who enjoy soaking. So, while removing a bathtub could potentially increase the resale value of your home, it could also decrease it. 
  • Limited Bathing Options. If you enjoy soaking in a tub, you may miss the option to relax and unwind after a long day.
  • Water Containment. Walk-in showers without proper doors or curtains may lead to water splashing outside the shower area, potentially causing slip hazards and water damage to surrounding flooring and walls. A design-and-build team can discuss options to prevent this!
  • Accessibility Concerns. While walk-in showers are generally considered more accessible than tubs, individuals with mobility issues may struggle to navigate the higher threshold of some walk-in shower designs, especially without grab bars or seating options.
  • Lack of Privacy. Some walk-in shower designs feature open or partially enclosed layouts, which may lack the privacy of an enclosed tub. If you prefer privacy, look for a stylish shower enclosure or opt for frosted glass panels.

It’s Up to You 

Ultimately, replacing your tub with a walk-in shower is up to you. Before deciding, carefully weigh the benefits and considerations to make sure your choice makes sense alongside your lifestyle, preferences, and long-term needs. 

Don’t forget, you can incorporate a hybrid design that includes both a tub and shower. The professional team at JBDB can help you evaluate the feasibility of whatever you envision.

Before and after bathroom remodel replacing tub with a walk-in shower

Love this transformation? Read about the whole remodel! 

3 Things to Think About Before You Decide 

Before you replace your tub with a walk-in shower, here are a few more things to know:

  1. Plumbing and Drainage. You’ll want to leave this part to the professionals, especially if it involves rerouting water supply lines and adjusting the drain location. Proper drainage is essential to prevent water damage and mold growth
  2. Waterproofing. This is crucial to prevent leaks and water damage. Remodelers will install a waterproof membrane or backer board in the shower area, paying special attention to seams, corners, and transitions.
  3. Shower Enclosure. Choose an enclosure that suits your needs, space, and design preferences, including glass doors, frameless enclosures, and walk-in showers without doors. As you’re looking at your options, think about what’s important to you in terms of accessibility, maintenance, and aesthetics.

Luckily, a professional Minneapolis design-and-build team can help gently guide you through design decisions for the walk-in shower and new bathroom of your dreams! 

Walk-in shower in a bathroom remodel in Edina, MN

Turn to JBDB for the Job

If you’re ready for a bathroom renovation, collaborating with a trusted design-build firm is key. James Barton Design-Build brings years of experience, creativity, and attention to detail to every project, ensuring your new walk-in shower seamlessly integrates with your bathroom’s aesthetic and functionality. 

JBDB offers transformative, full-scale bathroom remodeling, including.

  • Custom bathroom designs
  • Custom shower and tub designs
  • Bathroom fixture installation
  • Bathroom expansions
  • Plumbing and electrical work

Plus, with their client-exclusive showroom in Apple Valley, you get to look through, compare, and select the features you want. 

Take a look at one of JBDB’s bathroom remodeling projects. 

Enjoy Your Own At-Home Oasis 

If you’re ready to update your bathroom, including swapping out that old tub, contact the James Barton Design-Build team today to schedule a consultation and explore your options. Let’s bring your vision to life and create a space that makes life better!

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