Love it or Leave it: 2020 Kitchen Design Trends

January 31, 2020 | Blog

Thinking about updating your kitchen this year? JBDB designers Emily Thull and Samantha Schmitt weigh in on kitchen design trends for 2020, and whether they love each trend – or would leave it.

Trend #1: Mixed Metals

Emily: Love it  •  Sam: Love it
This was an easy answer for both designers, and they love that the trend of mixing metal finishes is still going strong. “We as designers have been trying to push for mixed metals in kitchen design all along, but homeowners have always felt like their finishes had to match,” says Emily. “Incorporating different finishes looks more collected and results in a more interesting design.”

Though there’s no magic formula to how many types of finishes you can use in a space, the important thing to keep in mind is that they should all complement each other.

Trend #2: White Appliances

Emily: Love it (for right now) •  Sam: Love it
For a long time, stainless was the go-to option for kitchen appliances. But what was once old and outdated is circling back around again – you’ll see more and more white appliances coming back into kitchen remodels in 2020.

Emily says, “I think the matte white looks good, but it’s hard to forecast the longevity of this trend. However, white appliances do have some great advantages – for instance, they’re not going to smudge like stainless does.”

Sam says, “So many people do all-white kitchens, and matte white appliances blend in with white cabinets without the expense of doing a paneled front on a refrigerator.”

She adds, “Another big reason I like this trend is that the newer white appliances are incorporating different finishes on the handles. Before, stainless appliances had stainless handles; white appliances had white handles. Having a brass handle adds an extra design element and makes it look more modern.”

Trend #3: Open Shelving

Emily: Love it •  Sam: Love it

Instead of using upper cabinets throughout the kitchen, many homeowners are opting instead for open shelving. Not only can it make a kitchen feel brighter and more open, but it also gives the homeowner a chance to style the shelves and keep common items more easily accessible. 

“I’ve put open shelving in my last three kitchen projects, so I definitely love it!” says Sam.

Trend #4: Bright, colorful accents

Emily: Love it (for cabinets); Leave it (for resale)  •  Sam: Leave it

The JBDB designers aren’t afraid of color, but they encourage homeowners to think through how they want to use color in their kitchen remodel.

Emily says that a bright accent color can be fun for a kitchen island or on a tile backsplash, but suggests foregoing the trend if they’re thinking about selling their home in the near future. She also adds, “If you want to incorporate color but aren’t quite ready to commit to it, focus the colors on your non-permanent fixtures: rugs, Roman shades, or towels.”

And for homeowners not afraid to add some color, Sam encourages them to go all in. “If you love a color, use it all the way! Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to using it just as a small accent.”

Trend #5: Two-Toned Cabinets

Emily: Love it  •  Sam: Love it

Similar to mixed metals, homeowners aren’t confined to choosing just one finish for their kitchen cabinets. Whether it’s incorporating two different colored enameled finishes on cabinetry or using both enamel and stained wood, choosing more than one finish can be a visually appealing and practical choice for homeowners.

“Everyone is trying to get more storage into their kitchens,” says Sam, “and more storage means more cabinets. Using more than one finish or color helps break it up visually and not be so heavy.”

Emily adds, “With more and more kitchen designs having an open concept to the living room, incorporating more than one finish on the kitchen cabinets helps integrate the two spaces together and not feel so matched up and separate.”

It’s great to be inspired by the latest trends, and working with JBDB’s design team on your kitchen remodel will ensure that you get a beautiful, functional space that you and your family can enjoy. 

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