The Dos and Don’ts of a Monochromatic Kitchen Design

December 21, 2022 | Kitchens

With the proper configuration, a monochromatic kitchen looks sleek, timeless, and sophisticated. However, without the right design eye, too much of the same color can look over- or underwhelming.

Create a Stunning Monochromatic Kitchen Color Design

Whether you want to go for the classic all-white kitchen or a more dramatic and darker look, read these recommendations to achieve a monochromatic design that stands the test of time.

Do Think Carefully About Your Color.

Before you begin, take time to think through your base color. How does it interact with the rest of your home? Is it a color you’ll want to look at for the next few years?

“Some homeowners want to jump into a bold principle color, such as yellows and greens,” said Kayleigh Queoff, one of JBDB’s designers. “While that can be tempting, I often recommend a more neutral base, such as whites, grays, or browns, which work better in a variety of styles.”

Don’t Feel Like You Have to Color Match Exactly.

Once you’ve selected the base color for your monochromatic design, pull in varying tones, at least one lighter and one darker. These subtle distinctions add visual interest and dimension to the room.

“This is especially important in an all-white kitchen, which can easily come off as sterile or stark,” said Sydney Monson, one of JBDB’s designers. “Play with complementing tones to add warmth and visual distinctions to the room.”

White monochromatic kitchen design.

Do Use Texture to Break Up the Look.

Different textures, such as metal, glass, or wooden accents, keep monochromatic designs from looking one-dimensional and washed out.

“This is the time to put larger kitchen appliances and accessories to work,” said Queoff.  “From stoves to range hoods, our team can help you find the right finishes to complement and elevate your dream look.”

Do Think About the Details.

In a monochromatic design, the details matter even more. Spend time thinking through the smaller elements of the room, such as drawer pulls and lighting fixtures; you’d be surprised how much they stand out without color variation.

Gray monochromatic kitchen remodel

Don’t Go Too Dark.

You may dream of cozying up in a moody gray kitchen but be careful it doesn’t become too dark. Balance it out with brighter accents (this is where woods and metals can come in handy!) and plenty of natural light to keep darker tones from overpowering the room.

Don’t Clutter Up the Space.

Monochromatic looks work best when they’re simple and cohesive. Crowding or over-accessorizing can make the space feel small and overwhelming. If your current kitchen configuration is busy or cramped, it might be time for a complete kitchen remodel

Start Fresh With a Kitchen Remodel

If you imagine a brand-new kitchen, why not revamp the whole room? A fresh look, including a new layout, lighting configurations, and custom cabinetry, means your color ideas are perfectly suited to your new space, down to the very last detail.

Let’s make your monochromatic kitchen dream come true. The newly remodeled James Barton Design-Build Showroom lets you see swatches and samples up close, so you can envision your future kitchen. Available for JBDB clients by appointment only.

Request a consultation with the JBDB team—we look forward to beginning the process with you.

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