March 3, 2022 | Blog

Is a Pocket Door Right for My Space?

If you’ve spent time looking at remodeling inspiration lately, you’ve probably come across the infamous pocket door. Known for their elegance and space-saving features, these doors are everywhere in interior design. 

But how do you know if this stylish door is right for your remodel? Let’s take a closer look. 

What is a Pocket Door? 

Pocket doors hang from the ceiling and slide along a track mounted inside the wall.

This style is a Victorian-era invention that remained in fashion until the 1920s, when hinged doors replaced them. 

They resurfaced in popularity during the 1950s and are a popular interior design choice once again. These doors add privacy and save space in a sophisticated, timeless manner. But that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily suitable for every renovation project.

The Advantages of a Pocket Door

Here are a few things we love about a pocket door

  • These doors are a stunning addition to any home style, from traditional to modern.
  • They’re a stylish, elegant way to tie two rooms together, such as a living room and a formal dining room.
  • Because they disappear into the wall, you gain additional space that a hinged door would typically take up.

Pocket doors are a clever and sophisticated way to divide rooms,” says Kayleigh Queoff, one of JBDB’s designers. “And for our historic homes in the Twin Cities metro, they add an air of authenticity.” 

Pocket Door Considerations

Before incorporating these doors into an upcoming remodel, here are a few considerations:

  • Because of their structure, they aren’t as sound-proof as traditional doors.
  • They are notoriously tricky to install and you want to make sure you are purchasing a good quality track system to minimize malfunctions. You also want to avoid hitting any pipes or wiring within the wall. That’s why it’s best to leave pocket door installation to the professionals. 

The good news: a remodel is an excellent time to add these doors to your design since we’ll have insight into your home’s structure. Our team can also recommend alternatives, such as a sliding barn door, if they prove to be a better choice. 

“When deciding whether or not to install a pocket door, we consider how often this door will be used,” notes Sydney Monson, another experienced JBDB designer. “Like many parts of the renovation process, we work with each homeowner to see if a feature will work best – and look beautiful –for their home.”

A Home to Treasure 

A remodeling project comes with many small decisions that add up to one glorious transformation. If decision-making isn’t your strong suit, that’s okay! Our JBDB designers help talk you through the advantages and considerations of different options so you feel educated and confident about your decisions. 

Our goal is to create a home you and your family treasure and love, from the overall aesthetic down to the very last detail. Learn more about our process, and then let’s get started on your dreams

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