Top Decking Trends for 2020: Create an Outdoor Space You’ll Enjoy All Summer

April 23, 2020 | Blog

Warmer weather is finally on its way, and that means even more opportunities for homeowners to get out outside and enjoy the fresh air! While you may have been focusing on projects inside the home during the winter months, now is a great time to think about either adding a deck or making some updates to your existing deck. Check out these decking ideas and get the ball rolling on creating an outdoor space you’re sure to enjoy all summer long.

Decking Patterns

Go beyond the standard straight decking planks! From creating a border around your deck, to varying plank widths, to including a herringbone pattern, there are plenty of options you can choose from to create a unique and showstopping deck. JBDB’s design-build team can work with you to discuss deck patterns and ideas!

Decking Colors

JBDB’s designers Emily Thull and Samantha Schmitt noted a recent shift from cool grays being one of the most popular choices to homeowners now opting for warmer, more neutral tones. But whether you like gray or tan, they urge homeowners to think about the bigger picture when choosing decking materials.

The JBDB team can help homeowners seamlessly integrate outdoor decking spaces with the existing exterior. “Oftentimes, a homeowner might just pick a color or material they like, instead of looking at how it works with the rest of the home,” Sam said. “We can help homeowners plan something that will complement their home’s exterior.”

Outdoor TVs

Perfect for watching a baseball double header or having a late-night movie screening, outdoor TVs are weatherproof and have features like a brighter image and reduced glare. If you and your family spend a lot of time outdoors or you like to entertain, investing in an outdoor TV might be a good way to help capitalize on your outdoor space!

Accent Lighting

Treat lighting the same way as you would on the inside of your house. Consider how you will use your deck and the different types of lighting you may need. Emily suggests adding dusk-to-dawn sensors, which automatically turn on when it gets dark outside.

“You’ll also want to think about how the lighting on your deck highlights the house, if you’re out in the yard looking back at the house,” she says. Creating a lighting plan with soffit lighting, uplights, and tread lights can all work together to provide function as well as highlight some of your home’s architectural features and landscaping.


Though there’s plenty of things to do on your deck, don’t forget about the space under your deck, too! Finishing the underside of a deck essentially doubles your space, providing you with two stories of outdoor living spaces. Emily says, “Adding underdecking also tidies up the space beneath your deck and makes it look more finished.”

Consider screening in the patio space underneath a deck. When nice weather hits, you can leave the patio door open, and extend your living space into that area and make it feel larger.

The design-build team at JBDB will work with you to create an outdoor space that you’ll love. For more ideas, contact the JBDB team today!

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