Winter Is A Great Time To Start Your Home Addition Project

December 28, 2017 | Blog

Once the hustle and bustle of the holiday season dies down and the new year begins, you might have the itch to start a new project or tackle your home’s renovation to-do list. But don’t let the cold winter weather discourage you from starting your home additions or home remodeling plans. Even in the cold and snowy Twin Cities, home remodeling can be done at any time.

In fact, there are many benefits to starting a home addition in those cold first few months of the year.

It may sound surprising, but frozen ground and dry air are actually good conditions for digging foundations and pouring concrete footings. Trying to dig in warmer months, with muddy ground and damp, humid air, make it more difficult to dig and slows down the curing process for concrete.

Another good reason to start an addition in winter is that it gives you a jump start on the process before the rainy season hits. Once an addition has its foundation and is framed, your addition is safe and protected from any springtime rainy days – meaning you’ll be less likely to encounter rain days that would otherwise slow down work outside.

Minneapolis home remodeling companyStarting your project in the winter also gives you a jump start on everyone else’s project, too!

Winter tends to be less busy for Minneapolis home remodelers because homeowners typically wait until spring to start their house renovations and room additions – due in part to nicer weather, as well as waiting for their tax refunds to come in.

Keep in mind that January and February are also the perfect time to start the design process for that new outdoor living space that you’ve been dreaming of – ensuring that you can enjoy your new deck or patio at the beginning of summer.

Talk to our home remodeling experts at James Barton Design-Build to find the best time to start your next project. Our team can help you build a seamless home addition to give you added space and blend into your home’s existing design. Whether it’s an expanded living space, master bedroom suite, an office space or an amazing sunroom, the team at James Barton Design-Build can guide you through the process of remodeling your home. Contact us today!

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